Our Team

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Dr. Shawn Wilson (he/him) is a clinical psychologist who works with children, adolescents, and adults. He is licensed by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) and conducts both treatment and assessment.

Therapy Style

Dr. Wilson is collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental when working with clients, and uses evidence-based therapy. Dr. Wilson conducts what is considered third-wave cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which he considers CBT+. This type of therapy includes traditional CBT techniques (changing negative thoughts, learning coping skills), as well as mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies for those things in life we cannot change. This therapy is heavily influenced by Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), although this is not the same as a DBT program. He has worked with clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds and is LGBTQ+ affirming. Dr. Wilson has helped clients who have experienced many different challenges, including: depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma and PTSD, substance use, parenting issues, sleep problems and insomnia, job burnout, relationship problems, and more.

Education and Experience

Dr. Wilson obtained his BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). He then worked as a research assistant at the University of Chicago before starting graduate school. He earned his MA in Psychology and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York. He completed his APA-accredited internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department (TCJPD). He then became the manager of the Assessment Services department at TCJPD and was a faculty member for the internship and post-doc programs onsite. Dr. Wilson then decided to move back to Ontario to live closer to family. After completing his supervised practice in Ontario, he is now the Assessment Lead at another psychology clinic. In 2023, he decided to create Suntree Wellness and offer online therapy to help support folks in Ontario. Dr. Wilson has worked in community mental health, hospital, school, juvenile forensic, and private practice settings.

Personal Interests

In terms of personal interests and self-care, Dr. Wilson enjoys watching TV, walking his dog, cooking, and playing board games.